Folding sofa

Also outdoor-like gear in your room.
A new classic folding style. One-man clique for relaxation "Luxury sofa"

¥ 6,000 (excluding tax) / all three species


Flag garland that can easily decorate.
Because it is unified in the theme color, it is easy to align and doubles the fun!

¥ 800 (tax excluded) / 6 kinds in total

Scrubbing hands always hands clean hands

A cat that constantly cleans its limbs. I like the hands of such beautiful cats
It is a cute hand gel with a motif.

¥ 450 (tax excluded) / All three species

Provence Hand Cream

Hand cream appeared from French soap shop.
Happy moisturizing ingredients were included in each skin,
It is a hand cream wrapped in fragrance to your fingertips. .

¥ 1,000 (excluding tax) / all four species

Blue Flower Hand Care

Navy blue and small floral prints are more cute than blue flowers
Hand care series is among the others.

Hand cream ¥ 400 (excluding tax) / All three types
Sterilization gel ¥ 400 (tax excluded) / All three species

"Disney Princess Design" aromatherapy gift

Very popular "Bloom shower bath petal" was set
It is a gorgeous bus gift. Perfect for people who like Disney Princess.

¥ 900 (tax excluded) / All three kinds

Sweets Maison series

Swee Maison in the eighth year after birth. A new work appears.
A set of popular Macaroons and a pearly bubble bath.
Both cute packages ♪

Sparkling time bubble bath ¥ 500 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
Petit Macaroon Fiz 2 pcs set ¥ 450 (tax excluded) / All three species

BELLE FIORE Fabric & Room Mist

Mist that can be used for clothing and rooms. Deodorant effect and sterilization effect of 99% of cloth products.
It smells gorgeously and makes the living environment more beautiful.

¥ 1,000 (excluding tax) / all four species

Luminous Flower Fragrance Series

Fascinate botanical flower with elegant pink,
It is a fragrance series of girl taste.

Fragrance gel light ¥ 1,600 (excluding tax) / All three types
Room fragrance ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) / All three species

Camille Body Mist

Body mist wearing fluffy and transparent feeling.
It is characterized by a light comfort without dislikes from perfumes.
Because it is a low price you can also enjoy a selection of scents according to your mood.

¥ 800 (excluding tax) / all four species

John's Blend Aroma Water

Very popular "John's Blend" new work. Dilute with a humidifier or aroma diffuser
It is a fragrance to use. You can enjoy your favorite scent with high immediate effect.

¥ 1,400 (excluding tax) / all three species

John's Blend Cleaner Fragrance Chip / Apple Pair

Very popular "John's Blend" cleaner fragrance tip
A new fragrance "Apple Pair" joined the ranks. After letting the vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner will make the exhaust smell good.

¥ 580 (excluding tax) / all four species

BELLE FIORE aroma water

Fragrance water for humidifier. Just filling the humidifier tank, moisturizing the room and
The fragrance expands. It is a geranium essential oil formulation that will alleviate the feelings of women and prepare it.

¥ 1,400 (excluding tax) / all four species

Scrounge Cat's Air Freshener

Cute petit plump air freshener.
The fragrance spreads gently.

¥ 200 (tax excluded) / All three species

Sweets Maison Bath Gift Pot

New work from "Sweets Maison". Macaron fizz and flower petals entered into cute pot
It is a box recommended for gifts.

¥ 1,300 (excluding tax) / All 2 species


A new pattern appeared on popular portable hammocks that can be easily installed anywhere.
It is not a sofa, it is not bed, it is a fluffy feeling only of TOYMOCK.
It is an interior line to enjoy in your room.

¥ 11,000 (excluding tax) / all 2 species

Memorico Disney baby

Perfect for SNS! Anniversary photo & party goods "Disney series from Memorico"
New appearance. It makes your birthday and anniversary more pappy and special.

Birthday Decoration ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Special felt crown ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Paper Flag Set ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax) / All 2 species

trico meet SURF

trico meet SURF

Very water-absorbing and productive series of "diatomaceous earth" of amazing drying power.
A handle with a motif of surf culture is appearing.

Bath mat 2 ¥ 3,500 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
Coaster 2 ¥ 500 (tax not included) / All three

Provence Argan Soap

Provence Argan Soap

Imported directly from France Argan soap. Three kinds of fragrance enter the ranks.
While it is organic soap, it is a soap that sticks to vivid colors and foaming.
It can be used for both face and body.

Peony ¥ 730 (tax excluded) / 1 all kind
Amber flower ¥ 730 (tax excluded) / All 1 species
Acacia ¥ 730 (tax not included) / All 1 species



Carabiner with ring with orthodox shape and easy to use.
New appearance with a knitted stripe pattern perfect for outdoor scenes.

¥ 580 (excluding tax) / All six species

ROSE NUMBER ロールオンパフューム


Concept brand "ROSE NUMBER" born from a famous rose specialty store in Paris.
You can enjoy the scent of the city of perfume, grass products' commitment.

¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / All four species

シーシェル フレグランスシリーズ

Sea Shell Fragrance Series

Fragrance series of marine motif perfect for summer interior.
Fragrance gel new colors and fragrance diffusers join us.

Fragrance gel ¥ 700 (excluding tax) / All three species
Fragrance diffuser ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax) / All three



Adjustable air cushion to the tension of your choice by the amount of air inside.
Because it can be rolled round if it passes through the air, it is perfect for outdoor.

Rectangle ¥ 2,800 (excluding tax) / All three species
Square ¥ 3,000 (tax not included) / All three species

Danke New Material Rain Goods

Danke New Material Rain Goods

"New Danke" using EVA material
It is a freshly cool item with a stubborn texture and a transparent appearance.

UMBRELLA ¥ 1,800 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
RAIN CORT Short ¥ 2,500 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
RAIN CORT Long ¥ 2,500 (excluding tax) / All 4 types

Danke 2017SS Rain Goods

Danke 2017SS Rain Goods

A new pattern appeared characteristic of mode atmosphere.
You can choose from patterns that are very easy to match with unisex.

RAIN CAPE ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) / 6 types in all RAIN BAG ¥ 953 (excluding tax) / All 6 types UMBRELLA ¥ 2,381 (excluding tax) / All 6 species
FOLDING UMBRELLA ¥ 2,381 (excluding tax) / 6 kinds in all

Rain Poncho

Rain Poncho

Active rain wear with plenty of attractive features.
It is a rain poncho that is also very active in festivals where strong movement is demanded.

¥ 4,500 (excluding tax) / all three species

TOYMOCK California

TOYMOCK California

Popular! Easy installation portable hammock anywhere.
I imagined the refreshing coloring and silhouette of the west coast,
The California model perfect for the coming season appears.

¥ 9,500 ~ ¥ 11,000 (excluding tax) / all three types

アナベルフラワー ルームフレグランス

Annabell Flower Room Fragrance

Room fragrance fragrant fragrant aroma from delicate Annabel flower (hydrangea).
Elegance, faint and fancy appearance is a presence that closely resembles any interior.

¥ 1,800 (tax excluded) / All three species

trico Living

trico Living

Design product of "diatomaceous earth" which has both "absorbing power" and "drying power".
It is a new series of trico which is smooth and pleasant texture.

Quattro Coaster 4 piece set ¥ 2,000 (tax excluded) / 1 all kind
Drying board (dish drainer mat) ¥ 2,000 (tax excluded) / 1 all kind



Design product of "diatomaceous earth" which has both "absorbing power" and "drying power".
It is a diatomaceous coaster that suits the room of any interior.

Coasters and soap dishes ¥ 500 (excluding tax) / All three types

memorico gold フェルとブーティーハンドメイドフォトキット

memorico gold Felt Booty Handmade Photo Kit

You can easily make a cute Booty for memorial photos just by passing through a string.
It is also recommended as a gift.

¥ 1,600 (excluding tax) / All 2 species

memorico バースデーガーランド パターンVer.

Memorico birthday garland pattern Ver.

You can easily decorate your room!
I will direct a birthday party nice with gorgeous garland.

¥ 880 (tax excluded) / All 2 species



Items indispensable for each birthday or celebration have become PET TOY.
Party feeling will be exciting with cute cake and candle.

Cake toy ¥ 850 (tax excluded) / assorted
Cupcake toy ¥ 650 (tax excluded) / assorted
Candle toy ¥ 350 (tax excluded) / assorted

G.r.i.m. BODY MIST

G.r.i.m. BODY MIST

From the G.r.i.m. series, a new body mist appeared.
There are two kinds of fragrance of popular white musk and bubble.

Body mist ¥ 1,600 (excluding tax) / All 2 species

G.r.i.m. ROOM MIST 180

G.r.i.m. ROOM MIST 180

A large capacity size of popular room mist in the G.r.i.m. series was made.
You can use your favorite scent luxuriously with daily use.

Room Mist 180 ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax) / All 4 types

John's Blend New Fragrance

John's Blend New Fragrance

From John's Blend, the sweetness of fruity Apple & Pair is comfortable
The Sabon scent is among the ranks.

Air freshener Apple Pear ¥ 280 (tax not included) / All 1 type Fragrance gel Apple Pear ¥ 900 (excluding tax) / All 1 species
Lead diffuser Apple Pear ¥ 2,800 (excluding tax) / All 1 type

Sweets Maison アイスクリームフィズ

Sweets Maison Ice cream fizz

From the popular Sweets Maison, ice cream type fizz has become more cute
It is a new release.

¥ 320 (excluding tax) / all 4 types

Fruity Buice ボディスクラブ

Fruity Buice Body scrub

Salt and sugar scrub with soft comfort.
Drop clogged in pores, extra sebum, old horn drops.
With refreshing washability and extract mix of vegetables and fruits,
It leads to a moist skin.

¥ 800 (excluding tax) / all 4 types



Male underwear of a female perspective that female designers thought.
It is a men's boxer trunks who entered a slim box.
It is recommended as a gift for important people.

¥ 1,900 (excluding tax) / all 20 species

テイスティブレッド エアーフレッシュナー

Tasty Bread Air Freshener

Freshly baked bread is a pretty cute fragrance.
Just decorate, delicious flavor spreads delicious.

¥ 200 (tax excluded) / All three species

Jardin Botanique

Jardin Botanique

It is a fragrance interior with dried fruits & flowers.
Gentle fragrance and botanical color invite calm feelings.

Fragrance gel ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax) / All three types Aroma light bottle ¥ 1,600 (excluding tax) / all three types

Bersinar utama 2017SS

Bersinar utama 2017SS

Bali's natural cosmetic brand "UTAMA SPICE" surrounded by great nature
A new brand developed for Japanese women only "Bersinar (Bersinar)"
It is a natural cosmetic brand born with the power of nature.

Body Oil ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
Body Lotion ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / All 4 types
Essential Oil ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax) / All three types
Essential Oil ¥ 1,400 (excluding tax) / All seven species
Bath Salt ¥ 900 (excluding tax) / All 1 species
Body Mist for Outdoor ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / All 1 species

For Bloomeat 2017

For Bloomest 2017

There is a person who wants to present with any words that can put in any feelings
It is a fragrance & bus series fragrant and sweet.
To a gift to the valued person.

Reed Diffuser ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Botanical Gel ¥ 850 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Hand Care Set ¥ 700 (excluding tax) / All 1 species
Body Lotion ¥ 1,100 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Bath Salt Set ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / All 1 species
Message Fizz ¥ 300 (tax excluded) / All 2 species
Bath Petal ¥ 580 (excluding tax) / All 2 species
Bath Gift S ¥ 800 (excluding tax) / 1 all kind
Bath Gift L ¥ 1,400 (excluding tax) / All 1 species

Hotels ラグジュアリーリゾート ボディソープ

Hotels Luxury Resort Body Soap

To the shining skin of moisture. Luxury mood aroma and foaming body soap.
Botanical oil realizes a shining skin with moisture.

¥ 900 (tax excluded) / All three species

Sweets Maison アイスクリームバスジェル

Sweets Maison Ice cream bath gel

Cute bath gel in an ice cream type bottle.
I will give you sweet luxurious bath time.

¥ 500 (excluding tax) / all 4 types


Folding umbrella case

Quick absorption of wet umbrella! Put it easy!
It is an exclusive case for folding umbrella in which the inner fabric becomes absorbent cloth (microfiber).
It also becomes a PET bottle case.

¥ 1,200 (excluding tax) / all 6 types



Popular portable hammocks that can be easily installed anywhere.
A new pattern that makes the image of nature appear.

¥ 1,2000 (tax excluded) / 6 kinds in all


Portable cot

Portable cot that can fold with one touch without putting strength.
Approximately 5 kg and lightweight but round shape and cotton inside the head,
Comfortable sleeping is realized.

¥ 9,500 (excluding tax) / all three species


Chair view

A lightweight and compact portable chair that makes a big success in outdoor.
The structure that the seat surface rotates, the charm of nothing more than being able to see a wonderful view while sitting.

Short ¥ 13,000 (excluding tax) / All three types
Long ¥ 15,000 (excluding tax) / All three types


Portable table

Easy portable table that assembles attractive lightness of about 0.9 kg.
With a big success drink holder in the outdoor scene.

¥ 4,500 (excluding tax) / all 4 types