取締役社長 吉住 健治

生活雑貨の卸売業として、またMEDI STOREを中心とした小売業として、来期は30周年の節目を迎えます。




It is our 30th year since we have started a wholesale business in life-style product market and also a retail chain business under MEDI STORE brand.

Since then, By setting our corporate philosophy as ”We always strive to develop product that is full of "Surprises" and bring "Happiness" into our society”, we have created hundreds of new products each year, deliberately adjusting to the phase of life, society, and economy

Yet, we think there are still a lot of things we can do to help and create more happiness into our society. In that sense, this memorial year would make us even more resolved and united that we would continue to strive hard to develop products under strict legal compliance and quality control/assurance that everyone can always use safely.

And we would continue to strive for all the workers of NOL to be able to work happily and safely as well.